The one thing that I was never fully satisfied with when we shot the hallway scene at the end was the last pose of the monster, it seemed a little overly dramatic and also the lighting was somewhat flat. I started mulling over whether I could just paste in there a photo of the monster to improve it and then before you know it I was asking Sam and Mike if it was feasible to green screen in the monster into the scene again. This meant a reshoot… a reshoot of approximately five frames but it was one of the most important parts of the film. We arranged to go down to Future-works in order to grab this last bit, along with Rick Wiltshire our performer somehow everyone agreed to the same date and we were rolling.

When the day came Not only had future-works gotten the wrong date but I was running late! I’d gone to the wrong damn address. We got there and were relegated to classroom instead instead. We decided to try out luck and make it work seeing as we were all there. We initially started with lighting the green-screen then the lighting within the hallway without lightning and then with. We had also gotten a smoke machine to pump smoke into the monsters collar to move around his head.. We eventually got setup and started.
The issues we were facing were we were  ow shooting on spherical and not anamorphic and we had to use again Sam’s superior software to see roughly what we should be getting in post, the framing in a technical sense was totally off but it looked good and we shot some plates. Rick was dying inside the suits so we called time after an house and only after he was out of costume realized we hadn’t done the smoke stuff…. were decided to fix it on post instead as we had done with the other hallway shots and left it at that.
All  that was left was for deluxe to grade those five frames and then do our mix.

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