’’Mason...we're soul mates, you and I...’’ ’’I make life possible for you...without me you're nothing, a stain in this house...suffering... ’’ ’’I was terrified everyday. Every noise. Every silence...’’

F amiliar is a unique and innovative horror, focusing on the concept of not the monster itself but the enslaved human Familiar whom protects it, which we have often seen in other horror movies but never focused on.

Who is this man? How did he come to be enslaved to this creature?

The film also has subtexts involving domestic abuse, manipulation, privacy and living ones life to the full.

As such, it thematically contains elements that few horror films are focusing on these days – genuine characters that the audience can relate to, and a monster with a philosophy and fears of its own.

The film will combine atmospherics and performance in an unbearably tense piece, focusing on the dark side of humanity, madness and how far someone can be pushed… or broken….

Suspense filled horror feature

Familiar is minimal location, minimal cast picture indicative of the old silent movies and James Whale era of films. It also feels very much like a theatrical play, similar to the films ‘Glen Garry Glen Ross’ and ’12 Angry Men’.
It focuses on suspense over jump scares and very ‘Hitchcockian’ way of telling a horror film as well as intense atmospheres missing from a lot of modern horrors.
Slick Chiaroscuro lighting, internalized performances and creative use of soundscapes to trigger the audiences imagination.

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Log Line

Log Line: The human caretaker of an ancient vampiric creature must find victims for it to feed on in order to avoid its cruel mental and physical abuse.


You Have no Idea…


It is 1942. For the past year, Richard Mason has found himself trapped in a barren, old mansion, caring for the thing that lives in the cellar below the house – a horrifying vampire, forcing him through psychic and physical torment to seek out new victims for it to feed on.

Mason’s mind is assaulted by this hideous creature, which appears to him mentally as a refined older man, blaming the other ‘persona’ for the violence waged against him. Mason is pushed to the point of madness unless he assists in the murder of innocent people.

Mason obeys but slowly finds he has to fight every day – fight against the noises from the bodies below the stairs that won‘t stay dead, the horrific imagery the creature puts into his head in order to break his will and from the fact that he is in a nightmare he cannot escape from.

Mason soon realises: the monster he’s been protecting must die….