A film by
David j. Ellison


Tracking down a missing person, private detective Richard Mason finds himself trapped in a decrepit old manor looking after the thing that lives in the cellar below the house, a horrific vampire which forces him through psychic torment to seek out new victims for it to feed on.

Mason obeys but slowly finds he has to fight every day; Against the noises of the bodies that won’t stay dead below the stairs, the horrific imagery the vampire puts into his head in order to break his will and from the fact that he is in a nightmare he might not be able to escape from.

As he begins to realize his life as the creatures familiar will not last long, Mason comes to the conclusion, he protected it, he cared for it and tonight…he will kill it.


"It’s Ellison’s terrific appetite for atmosphere that makes it a must, building and building and building on top of some gnarly sound-design, to one sensational reveal."

- Hey U Guys


"Genuine suspense and terror."

- Shorts-r-us


"One the best horror shorts we've seen in a long time."

- Filmmaker Hustle

Full Length Short

Familiar Short Film


Our production

Familiar highlights several topical themes


Mason and ‘The Other’ are representative of a domestically abused spouse and their abuser both reflecting the male and female side of this seldom talked about subject.


Looking after the incapacitated or the infirm and assisted living, it’s mental impact on people as they’re put under immense pressure when looking after an abusive person.


Two males in a co-dependent relationship reflecting not only modern relationships but also a cruel characature of a gay co-dependent relationship.


Familiar was conceived of as a full feature film screenplay back in 2010 and then adapted to create a proof of concept short film in order to sell the films story and aesthetics, as well as drum up interest and publicity

Additional Info

On completion of the short film together with concept art, pitch pack and all necessary marketing materials Familiar will be presented in a 3 stage plan.

Production Companies and Producers, Film Festivals and internet release.

Moving Forwards

Familiar is currently looking for Producers and Production companies for interest distribution and funding and we would love to hear from you.

meet us

Familiar’s production team

The creators of the short film ‘Familiar’ are also attached to create the full feature film.

David J. Ellison

Writer, Director, Producer

Mike Staniforth

Director of Photography

Andrew Henderson


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