The most private detective, Mason is a painstaking and methodical investigator who works mostly finding missing persons and tracking down unfaithful marriage partners.

His biggest hurdle in life is his inability to let anyone inside his personal space.
His shell has been built up over years and he even found it impossible to drop the walls of himself around his ex fiancé, Grace York.

Mason instead would rather cut someone loose than have them find out who he really is, his unrelenting privacy and embarrassment over secrets gleaned from him is personal life, he is an intensely lonely and self-depreciating man, the perfect prey for a man like Cain Spencer and the ultimate new Familiar to protect and feed him.



Cain Spencer in his human form no longer exists having long ago become the hideous creature known as The Other, he only now appears as himself in the minds of those who are subservient to The Other so Cain can communicate with them and tell them what to do in their new life as the Familiar.

Erudite, sophisticated and polite, he is the last person on earth you would suspect of being a prolific murderer of men and woman.

Cain’s hundreds of years of existence trapped in the darkness with only a Familiar to serve his needs have made him manipulative, cruel and terrified of the world around him as such the Familiar is usually the one who takes the brunt of his rage and frustration and he enjoys the terror on his victims faces before he empties their hearts.



Forty thousand midnights ago, Cain Spencer became The Other in a bid to live forever but didn’t realise the price he would have to pay in order to exist beyond death.

The Other is a force of nature, Cain’s wrath personified; inhumanly strong, fast and capable of entering a man’s mind and making him see whatever he wants him to. His days are spent in darkness resting, his nights feasting on the life of people his familiar brings to him, his burning blood-lust completely uncontrollable.

Cain insists the other is incapable of rational thought when he is awake, that he is nothing more than instinct and hunger…



Grace is a modern day Lauren Bacall; tough, uncomprising and never lets people get the better of her, making her a fierce manager of the publishing company she works for.

The only person who ever got under her skin was Richard Mason, the love of her life but also a man who made her second guess herself.

Grace broke up with Richard to stop him doing that very thing but she still finds herself vulnerable to his peculiar behaviours and despite Masons best efforts to keep himself hidden knows exactly the kind of man he is inside and how little he values himself. Grace’s only goal with Mason was to save him.



A rogue and Raconteur, Larry Beaumont is a close friend of Masons, the kind of man you find it difficult not to like. Larry has been Richards friend since he hired him to bury any and all information on his schizophrenia condition making him less of a suspect in the death of a local woman.

Larry is a steadfast and fiercely loyal friend and as close to a father figure as Mason has ever had. He is a charming and sophisticated working class joe who is a perfect problem solver and Mason has contacted him many times before to help him make his problems disappear….

As Mason’s first unintended death at the hands of Cain, Larry appears to him afterwards as a phantom, an immune response to the psychic assault Mason is under day after day.