Familiar is a unique and innovative horror, focusing on the unique concept of not the monster itself but the enslaved human Familiar whom protects it, which we have often seen in other horror movies but never focused on.... Who is this man? And how did he come to be enthralled to this creature?

The film also has subtexts involving domestic abuse, manipulation, privacy and living ones life to the full.

As such it is possessed of something few horrors focus on these days... genuine characters the audience can relate to and even a monster with a philosophy and fears of its own.

The movie will combine atmospherics and performance in an unbearably tense film, focusing on the dark side of humanity, madness and how far someone can be pushed... or broken....

"...an unbearably
tense film..."

Feature film breakdown

"...the sense of dread
and claustrophobia."


Lighting and mood has become something of an afterthought with modern cinemas more music video influenced work but Familiar aims to create a look based on heavy uses of brown and gold coloured lighting inspired by Chiaroscuro paintings from Rembrandt and Carravagio.

Familiar takes stylistic elements from numerous sources, most heavily from silent cinema and 1940’s Universal horrors such as The Phantom Carriage, Tod Browning's Dracula and also Francis Ford Coppola's the Godfather.
Lighting and costume will also follow movies from the film noir era such as Shanghai Express, The Maltese Falcon and the Third Man, following their incredible use of shadows.

Atmospherics will play a key part by the use of dust motes, smoke and use of long lenses in the anamorphic format, with sustained takes and extreme ECU’s to help sustain the sense of dread and claustrophobia.